We are official Kirogi suppliers for Ireland and provide their full range of gaming chairs with free shipping nationwide. As we have developed a strong relationship with Kirogi we are able to provide their products at an excellent price (the best in Europe). We have a range of colours in their premium range which includes the Kirogi Spider, Panther and Poseidon range.

So what is a gaming chair and why have they become so popular in recent years? A gaming chair is another name for a racing chair style office chair like the type of chair you would see in a sports car. These chairs have a unique design that sets them apart from a standard office chair. They usually have a much wider base which makes them super comfortable as well as having sides that come forward or even wrap around again making it a super comfortable seating experience.

As well as being ergonomic and healthy for your back even when you are seated for hours they also are usually a slick type of design as you can see above with our official Kirogi gaming chair models. Our Kirogi spider gaming chair is a heavy duty design and it comes with a super wide base and back. It is also able to recline 180 degrees so you can lie completely flat in one of these chairs whenever work gets too much! The Kirogi spider comes with an adjustable height mechanism so you can sit at a comfortable and safe height for your desk, monitor or TV or even just a nice height for those long nights gaming. The Spider model also comes with adjustable height armrests so you can have them positioned safely for your shoulders, neck and back. This is important for your long term health, especially if you are seated for hours at a time like many gamers tend to do!